Dr. Jessica Lee


Dr Lee

Dr Jess is our resident Canadian, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her Dad is also a Chiropractor. He opened his office in 1978 and is still in full time practice. Dr. Jess worked at the front desk as a teenager as an after school job and loved getting to know the patients. She saw that Dad still enjoyed going to work, even after so many years in practice, and decided it must be a pretty good job. That is why, after completing her B.Sc. in Manitoba she moved to Marietta, GA to attend Life Chiropractic College. This is where she met Dr. Brandan <3 

Dr. Jess grew up with a natural way of living and regular Chiropractic care. She played on the provincial water polo team all through high school and was selected for the Canadian Junior Olympic Water Polo Team in 1999. She trained with the Senior Olympic team as they prepared for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and was the only player who was under regular chiropractic care and who received regular massages. She was also the only Olympic team member without shoulder and elbow injuries. This did not go unnoticed and the Canadian Woman's team now has a team chiropractor and masseuse

Now Dr Jess is the mom of three wonderful kids. She loves being at home with them, homeschooling and adventuring. Dr. Jess practices part time in the office alongside Dr. Brandan. She also enjoys teaching others how to live healthier lives through Chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, essential oils, creating daily habits, self improvement and finding joy.


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