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Your Chiropractor Brings A Unique Perspective to Back Pain Treatment in Rock Hill, SC

Just about everyone needs back pain treatment at some point. Here at Adjusting the World Chiropractic in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we offer conservative back pain treatment. Your chiropractor relieves back pain with no surgery, no drugs, and no injections. Chiropractic works with your body to resolve the underlying causes of your back pain to achieve lasting results.


Your chiropractor is an expert in diseases of the spine

The spine is a collection of 33 bones called vertebrae. These bones protect the spinal cord, which transmits nerve messages to and from the brain and the rest of the body. Between most of the vertebrae, there are tough, circular tissues known as discs. Each disc as a kind of shock absorber that cushions the vertebrae above and below it. Back pain usually results from misalignment of the vertebrae, damage to nerves coming off the spinal cord, or injuries to discs.

No other medical professional receives more training in treating spine issues that your chiropractor. And there are numerous things that can go wrong with the spine and cause back pain:

Osteoarthritis is a condition of degenerative wear and tear at the facet joints between vertebrae. These joints make the spine flexible so you can bend and rotate left and right. This form of degenerative arthritis causes pain, instability, inflammation, and stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column around the spinal cord). Nearly everyone develops some degree of osteoarthritis with aging.

Compression fractures occur when one or more of the vertebrae weakens and caves in. They are a common complication of osteoporosis, although they can occur in people who have not lost minerals in their bones. This is a spinal issue that can cause sudden pain that cannot be linked to an injury or physical activity.

Curvature of the spine may cause scoliosis or kyphosis (rounding of the top part of the back). The resulting pressure on the spine can injure the facet joints or discs. It is a common cause of lower back pain.

Spinal stenosis causes pain by compressing the roots of nerves leaving the spine.  Foraminal stenosis involves narrowing of the exit passages for nerves branching off the spine. Central stenosis involves narrowing of the spine around the spinal cord. Both conditions can cause unremitting nerve pain.

Degenerative disc disease results from the dehydration of aging discs. As discs get older, they lose moisture content so that they do not completely fill the gap between two vertebrae. The dehydrated discs do not absorb shock forces as well, and the vertebrae may slip out of alignment so that there is pressure on a nerve and constant pain

Herniated discs can cause intense pain. Every disc has a ring of tough collagen around a softer core. The outer layer of the disc can crack so that the "jelly" inside the disc leaks out. Over a period of months, the immune system will remove damaged collagen and the disc will rebuild itself, but if the conditions that cause the disc to fail are not corrected, the disc can herniate again. Herniated discs are also known as ruptured or "slipped" discs. 

Sciatica is a condition in which a herniated or slipped disc presses on the sciatic nerve. This nerve crosses the hip and goes down the front of the leg. There can be pain anywhere along the path of the nerve that is not relieved until the pressure is taken off the sciatic nerve.

Trauma can cause problems in the lumbar spine (the lower back), the thoracic spine (the portion of the spine behind the chest), or the cervical spine, the bones in the neck. Sports injuries and car accidents are common sources of spinal trauma. Trauma can cause a sprain, damage to a ligament connecting the spine to surrounding muscles, or a strain in the muscle itself. Damage to muscles and ligaments can cause inflammation and swelling that pull the spine out of alignment. As a result, there can be pressure on nerves that causes the sensation of pain at a distance from the source of the problem. And the pain and immobility caused by sprains and strains may not show for weeks, months, or even years after an injury.

Seeing your chiropractor first after a back injury may save yourself from having to have surgery. An academic study of state workers injured on the job in Washington found that 42.7 percent of people who visited a surgeon first for work-related back pain eventually had surgery. But only 1.5 percent of those who visited a chiropractor first had to have surgery.

What your chiropractor in Rock Hill, SC can offer for back pain treatment

At Adjusting the World Chiropractic in Rock Hill, SC, Dr. Brandan Lee, and Dr. Jessica Lee offer holistic, innovative, drug-free, and surgery-free treatments that relieve back pain naturally. Sometimes the problem is misalignment. Once the bones of the spine are put back in their natural alignment with chiropractic adjustment, nerve messages flow normally without pain. Your chiropractors in Rock Hill can also use manual manipulation to ease the pain and accelerate the healing of injuries to muscles and ligaments. Your chiropractors can also help you achieve pain relief with drug-free methods you will not find in your other doctors' offices. But your chiropractor can also be your holistic health coach, helping make the changes in your lifestyle that keep you from having back pain in the future. Our doctors care about you. They welcome you to make your appointment today and find your way to natural back pain relief. You can call us at 803-619-1433!


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